Oral Abstracts

Oral Abstracts by Topic (Sorted by Date and Room)

Tuesday October 16

Plenary Session

Organic Contaminants (I & II)

Managing Delta Lands to Reverse Subsidence and Sequester Carbon

Implications of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change for the Coastal and Interior Waters of California

Food Webs and Lower Trophic Dynamics (I & II)

Existing and Emerging Life Cycle Models (I & II)

Issues and Challenges in Landscape-Scale Restoration (I & II)

Wednesday October 17


Sediment Data, Transport, and Modeling (I, II, & III)

Comprehensive Monitoring Network in Tidal Marsh Habitats under Sea Level Rise

Climate Change

Bay Area Precipitation Monitoring Activities by the NOAA Hydrometeorology Testbed Program

Flood and Levee Management

Cache-Liberty Complex: Last Refuge for Native Fishes?

BREACH III: Evaluating and Predicting ‘Restoration Thresholds’ of Liberty Island

Yolo Bypass: Managed Floodplain as Seasonal Habitat for Fish

The Once and Future Delta

Fish Biology (I, II, & III)


San Francisco Bay Ecology (I, II, & III)


Thursday October 18

Latest Science Updates from the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area Restoration

Modeling (I & II)

Delta People: Residents, Workers and Recreationists

Multiple Benefits of Flood Corridors on the Lower San Joaquin River

Adaptive Management

Integrated Science and Management

Low Salinity Habitat in the San Francisco Estuary (I&II)

Understanding Cyanobacterial Blooms in the San Francisco Estuary Delta (I&II)

Salmonid Life History and Biology (I & II)

Using Biotelemetry to Assess Survival and Behavior of Fishes (I & II)

Global Perspectives

Achieving Ecological Goals through the BDCP in the Face of Uncertainty