Oral Presenters

All oral presenters and session chairs are required to register and pay for the conference. Session chairs will be contacting presenters prior to the conference to coordinate their session (i.e. AV set-up, loading presentations, etc).

Please follow the presentation guidelines:

  • Presentation time will be 15 minutes (the remaining 5 minutes will be used for questions and transition time).
  • Session chairs have been instructed to cut-off speakers if they run over their time allotment.
  • Dark colored background with light colored text projects better that light backgrounds with dark text.
  • Make sure your slides can be read from the back of the room.
  • Limit slides to one main idea.
  • A confidence monitor will be adjacent to the podium and will show your presentation in “presentation view,” so you will be able to see your slides and view your speaker notes while you are talking.
  • Click here on the PDF files below for the complete set of guidelines, room specifications, etc.

Please contact Karen McDowell (kmdowell@waterboards.ca.gov), if your session chair does not contact you by October 5, 2012.