Special Oral Sessions

There will be a limited number of special sessions devoted to topics of particular interest to the Bay-Delta community. Proposals for special oral sessions must be submitted by June 15, 2012, but abstracts for individual talks in the special sessions must be submitted by the abstract submission deadline (June 8, 2012).

The special session presentations should be well integrated and representative of the current body of research on the topic. The Program Co-Chairs may also work with the Special Session Organizer (the person submitting the proposal) to develop the final configuration, including the possible addition of related talks from the pool of general submissions. Sessions will be scheduled as two morning and two afternoon blocks with five 20-minute talks in each block, and may include a panel discussion in place of one or more talks. Proposals including discussion panels should include the length of the discussion period (must be in 20-minute intervals). The length of the proposed special session can range from ¼ of a day to a full day (1-4 session blocks). In case a special session proposal cannot be accepted, submitted abstracts will be considered for inclusion in other conference sessions.

Presentations on "ecosystem reconciliation" related to the session topic are encouraged, but not required. Examples of topics from past Bay-Delta Science Conferences include: Pelagic Organism Decline; The Natural Delta; Suisun Marsh; Cache Slough Complex; South Bay Salt Pond Restoration; Bay-Delta Phytoplankton Trends and Drivers; Microcystis; Carbon Sequestration and Gas Fluxes in the Bay Delta; Multi-dimensional Modeling of the Bay-Delta; Addressing Climate Change in Delta Planning and Management; Sediment Transport Modeling and Observation in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; and Technical Approaches to Suggest Delta Flow Standards.

The following items must be submitted for a Special Oral Session:

  • Special Oral Session Proposal Form: The Special Session Chair/Organizer must submit a special oral session proposal form. Proposals require a session title, the name of the session chair(s), a short (<200 words) description of the session topics (including relevance to Bay-Delta management) and a list of proposed presentation titles and authors.
    Special Oral Session Proposal Form Link (You will need to create an account)

         Submission Deadline is June 15, 2012.


  • Individual Oral Abstract Forms: Each proposed presentation in the session, must have an abstract submitted through the regular abstract submission process, (the applicant should indicate that this is a special session submission on the abstract submittal form).
    Link to General Abstract Form

         Submission Deadline is June 8, 2012.

Questions about the technical program or the abstract submittal process should be directed to the Program Co-Chairs, Lenny Grimaldo (lgrimaldo@usbr.gov) and Cindy Messer (cmesser@deltacouncil.ca.gov).